who am i?

a 21-year-old fashion enthusiast, studying marketing, fashion design, and management + leadership at Miami University, dreaming of moving to NYC post-grad.


i'm a marketer - learning the hard + soft skills of this discipline through my internship at Coach + more, teaching myself marketing at a young age through my YouTube channel, 
i'm a self-starter - running my own YouTube channel + business deals since I was 14 instilled in me this self-starter mindset and by leading the largest student organization at my university, I actually am running a small business with 450 members, a $90,000 annual budget, and supporting and helping the growth of the fashion academic program. 
i'm a fashion enthusiast - sharing my knowledge and advice on fashion since I was 14 on YouTube, interning in the fashion industry, using my influence as President of Miami University Fashion & Design to facilitate the university's fashion program's (the fastest growing academic program) growth.